Towable Generator Rentals

Our towable generators bring power to you when you need it. Because we are a national equipment rental company we can be there when you need power the most. There are many reasons for power outages construction sites, weather events, parties, or special events. We have generators in all sizes from 20 KW to over 2,000 KW to meet even the most demanding situations.

Our 20 – 24 KW towable generator is perfect for small and large projects. They provide power for many electrical items at one time to keep you job/jobs, equipment running when you need it most. Our generators have easy to use control panels that are labeled, and tagged to make them easy to use. Because of the size of this unit it can be towed to a job site with ease.

Our 50 – 59 KW generator is perfect for midsize projects. They can make it easy to power several drying fans, and dehumidifiers. This generator because of its size can be easily towing to any project.

We have our generators staged for quick response in all 50 states. Extreme Supplies mobile generators come in different sizes for the many different thing you may need them for. Our generators are ready for long-term rental or for your temporary emergency power needs.

Trailer Generator Rental Service:

  • Mobile Generator Delivery
  • Fast Deployment
  • After Hour Service Calls Available
  • We Deliver and Set up Generators Holidays, and Weekends
  • Local Generator Service Repair and Service Available if Needed
  • Power for Storm Outages
  • Nationwide so we can be on Site Within Hours

Extreme Supplies offers a huge selection of mobile diesel generator rentals, this makes it so when you need power, whatever the reason may be that you need rental power we are ready and available to help, so you can get power when and where you need it. At Extreme Supplies our mobile generators range in size from 25 KW to 2000 KW. When you need a generator fast for any power needs we are the only company you need to know.