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Dry Smart Convection-Drying Trailer

The Phoenix Guardian R HEPA Air Scrubber System is the most compact, portable, True HEPA air filtration device on the market. Its energy-efficient rotomold design is durable, lightweight, and stackable, making it the ultimate blend of portability and performance.

We’re in the business of making sure our products work hard for restoration contractors and professionals—and the Guardian R does precisely that—it’s tough, dependable, and always ready to get to work.

POWER120V or 240V Outlets
DRYING TECHNOLOGYUtilizes advanced convection drying technology for rapid and efficient moisture removal.
HEATING ELEMENTPowerful heating element ensures consistent and controlled temperature for optimal drying.
AIR CIRCULATION Enhanced air circulation system facilitates uniform drying throughout the designated area.
CONTROLSUser-friendly control interface for easy operation and precise adjustment of drying conditions.
ENCLOSUREDesigned with a durable and weather-resistant enclosure, providing protection against external elements.


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