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Phoenix Guardian R HEPA System

The Phoenix Guardian R HEPA Air Scrubber System is the most compact, portable, True HEPA air filtration device on the market. Its energy-efficient rotomold design is durable, lightweight, and stackable, making it the ultimate blend of portability and performance. We’re in the business of making sure our products work hard for restoration contractors and professionals—and […]

Aerospace America 2,000 CFM Econo Air Scrubber

Introducing the Aerospace America 2,000 CFM Econo Air Scrubber – your ultimate solution for pristine air quality in any industrial or commercial setting. This high-performance air scrubber boasts a powerful 2,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) capacity, ensuring rapid and effective air purification. Designed with economy and efficiency in mind, the Aerospace America Econo Air […]

Phoenix AirMax Radial Air Mover

The Phoenix AirMAX Radial Air Mover is the most compact and portable fan in its class. The deeply-molded interlocking features make it a snap to stack for transport. Not only that, but the Phoenix AirMAX is the safest fan in its class with a quality GFCI convenience receptacle that protects connected loads and all onboard […]