Heat Drying Trailer Rentals

Heat Trailers are used for drying water damaged properties, they are similar to our desiccant dehumidifiers in the way they work and they are trailer mounted. Our heat trailers use propane to heat up the affected area of the water damage, as heat is one of the most important aspects of drying and creating evaporation. Extreme Supplies has a heat trailers staged all over the country so we can be on site anywhere, in a short period of time to help with your water damage drying needs.

If you think of a heat trailer like the desert in Arizona 90% of the year because of the outside temperature and lack of humidity you could open the windows and dry the property using an open drying system, a heat drying trailer works using the same principles. In most of the country opening the windows and dry desert air coming in is not an option. In most of the country where it is either too humid or to cold. Heat is a must when it comes to drying, and because you need a closed drying system (no windows or doors open) you have to find a way to create heat. Our heat trailers are great for structural drying on commercial and residential properties.